Any ideas for a crazy bed frame?

Jan 18, 2012 by

I want to have an insanely awesome bed, the only problem is that it’s located against a wall, so three sides of the bed are touching the walls (my room is L shaped so it’s against one end of the L) and there isn’t much space for doing anything around the bed or buying a traditional frame so I’m just going to build one.

I’m a huge sci-fi fan so I was hoping to do something sci-fi, but I can’t think of much. I love Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. But I also like the Steampunk and Gothic style.

Any totally insane ideas out there? Doesn’t matter if they don’t work, they’ll probably spark an idea in me.

I have some but they would work:
Frankenstein’s table hanging from the ceiling (of course that wouldn’t work as the roof would just collapse)

Coffin (It’d have to be huge to fit the bed, and there’s no space)

I was also thinking about making a fake wall (my room is L shaped) so I’d make the fake wall and make the room appear like a square (hiding the bed behind the fake wall) and building a TARDIS against the fake wall through which I could reach my bed. Problem with that is how I’d get any ventilation in the mini hidden room.
I don’t really care if anybody understands it. I don’t know any other Sci-Fi fans or anyone at all who knows what Doctor Who is, and even less who are geeky girls like me (I feel alone now). I bet if I lived in England they’d all get it. But yeah, it’s just for my own personal amazement. I bet I’ll find some nice nerds eventually.

Sadly this might take a year or so. I’m only teen and I’ll have to learn some more carpentry. I got my falling bookshelves, drawer steam punk table and mannequin wall painting done right so a bed can’t be too hard! :)
Oh wait, I got a brilliant idea. I’ll build the TARDIS on it’s side and beneath the top door will be the bed. So it’ll be half coffin, half TARDIS, and maybe I’ll move the bed forwards a bit so that the storage underneath the bed is bigger on the inside than the outside! Brilliant. Oh how I love you brain! I suspect more and more each day that I have some sort of alien DNA… LOL
Oh I googled beds and found that link earlier but none of it is possible and most don’t look sci-fi/crazy enough, sadly. I wanted to some fresh ideas. I thoroughly enjoy things that feel like inside jokes.
Thanks for the help though! It’s been sparking more ideas.

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  1. MP

    You can do a bed that looks like it is hanging from the ceiling, but is supported from underneath. By the way, if you did a true hanging bed, if you screwed the supports into the ceiling joints you should not have a problem supporting it. However, I would not suggest creating a true hanging bed, it will tend to swing too much.
    I like the TARDIS idea, after all, it is bigger on the inside ;) However, it may require an Infinite Improbability Drive borrowed from the Heart of Gold. Cause that is what it would take to get a member of the opposite sex into it. LOL JK
    I would suggest going for something subtle. You could design and build a bed frame to suggest the TARDIS, but unless someone was in the know, they wouldn’t know. I see a blue headboard, with molding at the top like the top of the TARDIS, and a grid of yellow squares painted in 2 rows along the top. Maybe a little police box sign painted on the left side. Only a true fan would get it.
    You could do the same with any other SciFi Theme, perhaps creating a ST TOS sick bay bed with a medical display as the head board. If you prefer something more modern, perhaps a LEXX or Farscape theme.
    Make sure you post pics for what ever you come up with.

  2. lightbulbsmile

    what about buying old working or non working tvs or computer monitors that are the same size and putting yr bed on those? you could even plug in them in and the static wold be great. goodwill stores and salvation army stores are great to find cheap stuff like that.

    you could put the bed on piles of books.

    what about mounting the bed on one wall and it could fold down on legs. like a “murphy bed” you can look it up.

    steampunk look: try going to a car junkyard and looking for parts that you might be able to put the bed on.

    i’m just letting my brain run wild now. tree stumps? old metal garbage cans sawed in half?

    have fun

  3. HOOK

    This may not be anywhere’s near what you want, but I thought you’d enjoy the link

  4. Jennifer

    The previous poster’s weblink is awesome. I love the idea of the televisions/computer monitors, too. Good luck with your project and remember there are tons more sci-fi fiends than you might imagine. ;o)

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