Steampunk Clothing

Steampunk clothing has been around for almost two hundred years now. However, way back then it was the norm of the day. With a high hat here, a wool tweed summer suit, leather boots and some woolen slacks, a man often played the part of a gentlemen. Women, on the other hand, had a few choices, from gowns to dresses to tight jacket bodices that kept everything prim and proper, they were ladies given respect. The Victorian clothing worn by the men and women of today generally have a twist to mesh modern fashion with vintage design. This sort of clashing of the ages gives a very unique, eye-catching look.steampunk clothing girl

Followers of steampunk fashion can do a number of things to create their own niche. Whether they use clothing that is actually Victorian or not is not the ultimate goal—if the flecked cloth is from the early 1900s or not, the idea is to bring out Victorian fashion, not necessarily find real antique clothing (though some schools of thought may disagree). And that’s the thing with steampunk clothing and design: Almost everything from one person to another is different and distinct. Any steampunk tailor can piece together what he or she thinks fits together—matching costumes, garments, rags, and apparel to create an entertaining yet trendsetting getup.

Steampunk clothing, moreover, is not just for Halloween. No, steampunk fashion is secretly and slowly creeping into western fads all year long. You’ll see it on the streets of some of the biggest cities, from the streets of Paris, to New York, Chicago and even L.A. Steampunk clothing, then, can be something more formal and light to something more in your face. Surely you’ve seen the Bowler Hats, Felt Hats or perhaps the Opera Hats or even Silk Hats worn today, especially in dance and theater productions. A common mixing of the ages even occurs when you throw on that tweed-ish coat over jeans.

Steampunk, though, can take the modern look into a whole new era—namely the future. Some “steampunkies” combine Victorian era clothing with leather pants and or boots. Women wear a shoulder leather purse while guys carry a belt with all sorts of utility, futuristic looking gadgets. Both men and women can and do sport large and small weapons, such as .38 calibers, laser guns or interpretations of these from the future. Steampunk clothing can put a girl swirling a lace umbrella but holstering a revolver under her arm. Steampunk clothing, too, can put a guy walking with a cane but carrying an automatic on his waist. The combinations are as uncanny as they are mixed from the past and the future.

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